EvisionFX is very easy and advanced platform. Clients can be ensure that it's fully secure to invest money through EvisionFX.

We offer different methods to fund your accounts such credit cards , wire transfers , moneynet , netteler and cashu.

A lot of EvisionFX clients prefer to use credit cards. It's because the investors can very easily enter their credit card information to the EvisionFX system and indicate the amount of money they want to put on their account to start a trade.

Also, another plus of using the credit card is that you can easily withdraw money when the time comes The money will be returned to the credit card with any increase that enters the clients account. You should only make the front and back copies of the credit cards and send them to EvisionFX to verify the identity.

But mention if using the credit card, it can be a limit for the amount of money that you want deposit in one time.


Some clients prefer bank transfers as they can trade unlimited amount of money that they can't trade with credit cards. Wire transfers can take up to two days but usually the funds are available 24 hours. Withdrawals are sent back to the account when requested .

To make wire transfers traders have to contact their financial establishment and provide them with the needed information.


EvisionFX uses SSL systems for all transfers and it's the safest system, so deposit ways in EvisionFX are too secure. Our clients can be ensured, that their money is safe and can't be lost or stolen, as wire transfers are traced by international agencies and banks. Your personal information is also completely secured.