Trading with EvisionFX, investors can ensure that their money is safe and they can easily withdrawing money from any account anytime. For it, EvisionFX asks clients to go through a secure withdrawal process. If the client wants to withdraw his money, he has to fill a withdrawal application and send it to their account manager with documents required by the financial section. As soon as the application was received and reviewed money will be returned to the account that the deposit came from. The money will be sent within three working days as a bank transfer or to the credit card that you sent to EvisionFX. Any withdrawal to a value more than the allowed value by the credit card will be put into the investor's bank account.

For withdrawal, EvisionFX can ask any application with a photo, an identity and a verified address.Trading with EvisionFX, investors can be ensure that their money, personal information, photos and written data are completely secured.