You can propose EvisionFX to your friends. It's very easy. You have to log in an account and add your friend's data. We'll send an invitation to him after it and your friend will get a chance to create his own account and start trade with us.

When he starts trading, both of you will get 100$.

Read the details below

Log in now and propose EvisionFX to a friend

Terms and conditions: this offer is only available if your friend is a new client on EvisionFX.

Your friend has to deposit 2000$ and make five standard trades or five open CFDs trades for three shares at least within 90 days from creating the account.

You have to make five standard trades or five open CFDs trades for three shares at least before receiving the mentioned bonus.

Also meantion, there is a limit of five proposes per year. Your losses can be more than the mentioned bonus. You can study the program's full regulations to know the full terms and conditions.

FAQs about suggesting to a friend


It is a promotion program for our clients.


You can suggest to up to 5 persons per year. If your friend meets the offer stipulations you'll both receive the bonus.


Your friend will receive an e-mail from EvisionFX on your behalf. Before submitting any suggestion you can review a copy of the sent e-mail.

How and when will the bonus be added to my account

You can contact to one of our forex experts and give him the name and the e-mail of the friend you suggest to. We will add to your account and your friend's with the mentioned bonus as soon as your friend crate and fund his account with the minimum deposit according to the offer.

Suggest to a friend program regulations

By participating in the suggest to a friend program at EvisionFX , you submit that you read , understood and agreed to imply to the program regulations.

Eligibility: this offer is only available to EvisionFX current clients to suggest to their friends who never and any account with EvisionFX - the client can't suggest to himself and you can only apply once for every person. To receive the bonus the friend has to deposit the minimum amount of money indicated and make 5 full standard trades ( full means transferring including buying and selling and pair currencies) or five open CFDs trades for three shares at least. Also the suggesting person has to make five full standard trades(full means transferring including buying and selling and pair currencies) or five open CFDs trades for three shares at least before receiving the mentioned bonus. all terms have to be met within 90 days from creating the account. the friend has to be older than 18 years and the suggesting person has to make sure that he/she will want EvisionFX to contact him. Traders with USD/HKD can't meet the minimum requirements. with the limit of 5 suggestions per year. Every suggested friend can only qualify to the bonus once. The bonus is for trading with EvisionFX- we keep the right to exclude you from the plan and banning you from payments in case of misuse and if any of the clients didn't complete the steps for creating and account on EvisionFX. Void in case of any illegal actions. This offer can't be used in case of using another promotion offer.

EvisionFX will be repaid through the margin of supply/demand. Your costs maybe more than the mentioned bonus. EvisionFX keeps the right to deny any mentioned account if it matched any of the following conditions :

1) The client suggested to us is not a new client of EvisionFX

2) The account is managed by a third party

3) The client suggested to is from his family

4) The account is suggested to through a broker.

People who you can suggest to: You can suggest this program to people with whom you have personal or business connection.

You can't suggest to:

1) group mail address;

2)e-mail mailing lists;

3) yourself.

You can suggest to up to five friends.

EvisionFX will send an e-mail on your behalf to every friend you suggest with the program details.

The bonus: to every client who participates in the program Suggest to a friend, EvisionFX will provide a bonus according to the following schedule:

It will be verified that the friend participated in this program and met its terms when receiving the approval on his account request and funded his account with the mentioned value ( or the same value with other currencies ) and completed the required trades.

Your agreement to use your data in the e-mail : you give EvisionFX your permission to use your name and e-mail to send an e-mail to your friends.

You agree not use any false e-mails or names in the suggest to a friend program.

The limits of the sponsor's responsibilities : To the most allowable limit by law the sponsor or any of his associates , managers , employees or any other representative won't be responsible about the damages resulted by or connected to this program. This is a full specification for the responsibilities that applies to all damages of any kind including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages or the loss of data, income, profit or the loss or damages of any property or claims of a third party.

Currency: All mentioned values are in the main currency of your account.

Severance: In case of provision of any regulation of this program, this doesn't affect the other regulations.

Ruling law: These regulations of the program will be applied and build and reinforced with accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties lying in the jurisdiction of England and Wales in the case of argument or difference that occurs between them outside this agreement ( contract ).

Additional terms and conditions: EvisionFX keeps the right to modify or suspend or terminate the whole program at any time and for any reason in its sole discretion. Void in case of any illegal activity. Any profit will be without taxes and you have to pay any applied taxes. Any attempt from a participant or any person to damage any website on purpose or sabotaging the legal process of the program is a breach of criminal and civil laws and if any attempt as this was done EvisionFX keeps the right to trace these damages and other solutions from any person to the maximum limit allowable by law. Any attempts from any person to enter a website connected to this program through a scripted program or any other brutal attack or any other unauthorized means will result in the eligibility of the IP address in addition to any other just solutions available by law. The use of any devices or automatic, programmed or fake programs is forbidden and all inputs by this way are void. By registering to this program you agree to the use and unveil any personal information you provided in the purpose of :

1) Program and profits management

2) Mentioned in terms and conditions

3) Mentioned in the privacy policy