Funds safety


Data security, privacy and integrity is one of the most seriouse aspects for EvisionFX. Trading with EvisionFX you will be fully sure your privacy and money are secured and save.


EvisionFX has the most secure transfers to save all the personal information and of course the exchanges. It means that your money during or after the transfers will be secured and never be at risk be stolen or getting lost.

EvisionFX cooperates with special credit banks to save all money in secure. Any personal information you provide us will be treated as confidential and shared only within the Company, its affiliates and its business partners and will not be disclosed to any third party. Registration Information is protected and completely secure at all times. We cooperate with financial companies with the best reputation only.


EvisionFX is a financial company which is secure and reliable. Every month our company sends reports outside the accountancy agency to check the records to ensure financial integrity. That's why the financial brokers always have to fulfill basic requirements.

EvisionFX never uses the investors money for their business and always keeps the investors' money separated from the company's money. The company made a lot to ensure that clients' money can never be used for their business. And also EvisionFX ensures the investors that their funds are completely secure. As required by law the client's deposits and expenses are always covered by the capital liquidity owned by EvisionFX.

All policies and processes are regularly re-evaluated to ensure that the client gets the safest trading experience.


To ensure investors that they are leaders in the Forex market, EvisionFX uses the most modern trading systems.

Investors will never worry about their transfers be lost by reason of device or program failures. EvisionFX team consists of the best professionals in trading Forex and always resolves any problem without client intervention. We use only high quality servers. We constantly are looking for new ways for fastest trades and safest transfers for our investors.