What is Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis is the study of the supply and demand of a particular currency in order to try to determine the direction that may be heading

Although it seems very complex, technical analysis is an art of what is known. Technical analysis tries to understand the flow

Market and look at common trends using price charts. Most traders use

Charting candlestick chart is added to other indicators to understand the chart patterns that indicate future pricing.

We provide a wide variety of technical analysis tools that you can use through our trading platform.

There are many types of technical analysis indicators under the following categories.

Moving averages is a line that tracks the final price of a given currency over a given period of time.

Indicators are equations focused on the price and size of the currency - measuring common trends and the flow of money

Volatility and activity. Indicators usually add additional information to the currency price analysis. Complete

Their use to confirm price movements in the patterns of qualified charts and generate buying and selling signals.

The advanced indicator precedes price movements and the backward indicator tracks price changes.

Support and resistance tools work in the hope that prices will always decline in the opposite direction of the trend

By a certain percentage of the price prior to completion in the original direction of the trend. Months of

Support and resistance is a Fibonacci retracement tool.

Market sentiment is the impression of the public about the price quote which is why exchange rates can be

To be very different is the basic understanding of how the economy works. There are certain tools that help traders

Forex gain a better understanding of market sentiment before making trading decisions. These include

Commitment to report to traders that teaches Forex traders long and short contracts in

Future Market. Fluctuation Index is another important tool. It measures the volatility of the accident in the options purchased and sold.