Terms and conditions of EvisionFX

The following terms and conditions applies on all activities between EvisionFX and its clients.


Request personal identity of each customer.

Upon receipt of the identity and certification, you will set up trading accounts on behalf of customers.


Customers will be provided with a user name and a secret number for the purpose of trading.

Once the accounts are established via the customers can trade in foreign currencies and commodities

The customer may ask the company to execute trading on its behalf or for it. Otherwise, the client executes trading on his or her own behalf.

The customer's balance is added to or withdrawn from it based on previous trades.


When the customer chooses to set up a trading account with the company he or she must agree to the terms

And the provisions of the company. In addition to agreeing to the terms and conditions, customers agree to the following:

There are no rules or rules that prevent the client from establishing a trading account with the company.

The Client assumes full responsibility for the trades issued by the Account.

Customer is fully responsible for protecting your login information.

The client has current knowledge of financial trading and is ready to teach himself / herself before entering into trades.

The client is aware that foreign currency trading is highly risky.

Customers must be 18 years or older.

In the company we do not accept these countries. They are included in the list of proscribed States. The countries listed below are:

Afghanistan, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and the Arab Republic of Syria.


The Company is not responsible for any loss or debt that may occur to customers as a result of their trading activities.


Customers will not lose more than the value of their financing within their account with the company.


Customers can find copies of their own reports through their own account pages.

The company will not provide printed accounts to any customer.

Customers do not have access to other accounts. So we advise customers to protect their own reports.


Customers will receive payments on demand when submitting the appropriate documents and follow some steps.


Terms and conditions may be modified at any time. Customers will be notified if and when such provisions are changed.

9-Online trading

Online trading offers customers unique risks. Customers should be aware of any risks they may face during online trading.

10-General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to all customers.

These provisions outweigh any communication between the company and its customers.

The terms and conditions provided herein apply to all sites, applications and e-books

Trading is done through the internet.


Customer has the right to fully recover unused funds in the event of customer loss. No refunds are made for these funds and the Company shall not be liable. To receive the money retrieved on the client provide full personal documents. After receiving these documents we will consider the application and the company will return the money in the same way as the deposit used by the client within 7 days except for the transfer fees and so on.


Customers can feel safe to see that they can withdraw their money at any time and need no more than a click of a button.

Investors who want to withdraw their money must complete the withdrawal form and send it to their account manager

Many customers choose to use credit cards as a method of payment. Which is usually the easiest and fastest way to finance payments

The credit card also allows customers easy access to finance without resorting to emergency financial stores.


During the registration process, each customer will provide personally identifiable information: the full name, birth date and birth date

And the full address including phone number and city code. The client submits the following documents (in case

The documents are written in a non-Latin language: to avoid any delay in the client's assertion it is necessary to provide a translation

Certified in English) for the requirements of the Know Your Customer policy to confirm the information referred to:

High quality copy of the first page of the local or international passport where the photo and signature

Can be clearly seen or a copy of the driving license with the same requirements. The documents referred to

Must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission.

High-quality copy of the invoice utility services or statement of the bank bears the name of the customer in full and place

Residence. These documents should not be more than 3 months from the date of submission.

Statement on the responsibilities of cardholders in their jurisdictions - please be aware that

The laws of financial contracts can vary around the world and it is your full responsibility to make sure that you are applied

To any law, rule or directives specific to your country of residence relating to the use of this website.